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Hex-A-Just® True® Roller Sets

The Industry Standard
in Adjustable Cam Timing

An industry breakthrough when introduced in 1992.  Since then the accuracy and simplicity of our Hex-A-Just® system remains unmatched by competitors.  The Hex-A-Just® True® Roller Set is infinitely adjustable to /- 6 degrees.  No machining required and no fumbling with offset bushings.  Simply dial in your cam timing with the turn of a wrench then tighten the cam bolts to lock the cam position in place.  When combined with our Quick Button™ Two Piece Timing Cover this Cloyes’ patented technology will save you hours of valuable set-up time.

Sprockets are machined from premium billet steel on our state-of-the-art CNC equipment.  Both sprockets are then induction hardened and oil-quenched using our in-house multi-stage heat treat process.  Our Premium True® Roller chain features superior strength with full roller action.  Side plates are cut and shaved from high strength steel and heat-treated for maximum fatigue resistance.  The .250” rollers are “cold rolled” and hardened to exacting standards increasing load and RPM capabilities.  An additional feature on Chevrolet applications is the Cloyes’ patented “cheater” sprocket tooth profile that provides improved chain wrap and smoother transition.  Whether your destination is the street or the track, Hex-A-Just® will get you there faster!


Hex-A-Just® True® Roller Part #
CHEVY SB - with BB crank 9-3100B
CHEVY SB "Rocket" 9-3146A
CHEVY "Rocket" - with BB crank 9-3146B
CHEVY SB with Factory Roller 9-3145A
CHEVY LS Engines Click Here
CHEVY BB "Merlin" 9-3147A
CHEVY BB Gen VI (single roller) 9-3149A
CHEVY BB Gen VI (double roller) 9-3170A

CHRYSLER BB - 1 Bolt n/a
CHRYSLER BB - 3 Bolt 9-3125A

FORD V8 SB - one pc fuel pump ecc 9-3135A
FORD V8 SB - two pc fuel pump ecc 9-3135A
FORD 4.6 MOD 2V & 4V Click Here
FORD 351C, 351M, 400 9-3121A
FORD FE 9-3108A
FORD BB 429, 460 TDC 9-3122A

OLDSMOBILE 260 thru 455 9-3113A

PONTIAC 287 thru 455 n/a

This list shows just the most
Popular Applications

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  • Patented Quick Adjust® allows +/- 6 degrees
  • Induction Heat-Treated, Billet Steel Sprockets
  • 3 Keyway Billet Steel Crank Sprocket
  • Premium True® Roller Chain with .250” Diameter Rollers
  • Hand Matched to qualify both center distance and run-out
  • Available .005” and .010” undersize

Hex-A-Just® In Action  


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When making cam timing adjustments with a Cloyes Hex-A-Just® Set, you must LOOSEN THE CAM BOLTS AND RELEASE THE CAMSHAFT LOAD!

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Replacement hex bushing for all Chevy sets – Part #P9005

All Chevy (non factory roller) and BB Chrysler sets include captured thrust bearing.

Ford and Olds Hex-A-Just® sets work in similar manner using the supplied fuel pump eccentric and the adjustment component.