Installation Tips


GM – 2.4L Quad4 DOHC : CLO# 9-5356


GM 2.4L DOHC 1996-2006

This tensioner consists of two parts, the housing and the piston. The piston has a secondary piston or plunger contained in it. At the time of shipment this plunger is compressed in its deactivated position and must remain that way for installation. In deactivated position, plunger extends approximately .070” or 1.7 mm beyond piston cylinder (see figure A). If this is not the case, turn tensioner completely over, with plunger end (not tapered end) facing down, press firmly on tabletop or other hard surface until plunger fully resets.

IMPORTANT – We strongly suggest you consult a professional manual for installation instructions. FAILURE TO FOLLOW PROPER PROCEDURES WILL LIKELY RESULT IN FAILURE AND POSSIBLE ENGINE DAMAGE.

Tapered end of piston is to be inserted into tensioner housing for installation.

AFTER INSTALLATION IS COMPLETE AND ALL COMPONENTS ARE IN PLACE, YOU THEN MUST ACTIVATE TENSIONER BY RELEASING PLUNGER. Using a flat blade screwdriver, cotter pin remover, or similar tool, press firmly against the face of the plunger (see figure B). Depress plunger to beyond flush surface of piston cylinder until you hear it click and feel plunger release. Plunger should immediately apply pressure against tensioner shoe and thereby also against timing chain.

IMPORTANT: If plunger cannot be depressed, the plunger is not properly reset. Remove plunger and refer to first paragraph of instructions to fully reset plunger.