how to use adjustment tool on timing system

Quick Adjust™ Timing System

Note: If you are using the 3-keyway crank sprocket and using the advanced keyway, the maximum camshaft advance will be 8o and maximum retard will be 4o. If using the retard keyway, the maximum advance will be 4o and maximum retard will be 8o. Remember that the camshaft angle is half of the crankshaft angle (Refer to the 3-keyway crank sprocket installation instructions).

The Cloyes® Patented Quick AdjustTM Timing System allows the installer to adjust the camshaft timing up to 12°. Some camshaft manufacturers instruct the user to advance or retard camshaft timing to enhance the characteristics of their camshaft. By loosening six bolts and using the adjusting tool provided, the user can infinitely adjust the camshaft timing up to 6° advance or 6° retard.

To adjust the timing, loosen the six bolts that clamp the inner member of the camshaft sprocket to the outer member about 1/4 turn counter clockwise. Insert adjustment tool into the slots provided. The short shaft of the adjustment tool will be inserted into the short slot. The long shaft will be inserted into the long slot and hole (Refer to illustration below).


After the tool is inserted into the slots, use a 3/8 wrench to rotate the tool. There are seven timing marks indicated with an A and an R on the ends. Each timing mark is approximately 2° and is lined up with a single alignment mark on the outer camshaft sprocket member (Refer to illustration below).

After the timing has been adjusted, remove the adjusting tool from the cam sprocket. Tighten the six bolts to 13-15 ft-lb.

Note: The above illustrations are GM camshaft sprockets. However, the adjustments are the same for a Ford or Chrysler applications.