Updating the Cloyes Product Catalog

In 2019, Cloyes, a leading supplier of timing drive system kits and components, worked with Illumaware LLC and upgraded its ACES/PIES auto parts catalog system from Evokat to Evokat Premier®. The aftermarket catalog upgrade allows Cloyes to enter product attribute data quicker and generate more responsive processing of data standards, ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard) and PIES (Product Information Exchange). Evokat Premier® provides automotive e-commerce users with an intuitive design that mirrors Auto Care Association ACES and PIES standards, customizable authoring and reporting, and cost-effective data management solutions.

“Illumaware and its associated tools, such as cloud-based databases, real-time auditing, and continued flexibility of customer files, allows the Cloyes product management team to maintain our catalog data from nearly anywhere while giving us the ability to instantly discover and correct application errors to maximize our coverage due to vehicle database changes/releases,” said Johnny Thao, director of product management for Cloyes.

Thao is a versatile senior product manager and data engineer with more than 10 years’ experience in the automotive aftermarket industry. Prior to joining Cloyes as director of product management, he spent a number of years at Dayco, eventually assuming the role of Global Application, Catalog, and Data Manager. During his time with Dayco, he led an application catalog and data team that was responsible for data input/outputs, application data research, and product development. He also established the architecture of a product library for centralization of all data allowing consistent outputs, won multiple Catalog Excellence Awards from the Auto Care Association’s Automotive Content Professionals Network, and was awarded three patents for catalog-related technologies.

The Cloyes product management team in 2019 also implemented a stronger focus on improving its product information and catalog coverage by mapping existing Cloyes part numbers to new applications. Using North American VIO data, ACES vehicle configuration databases, OE part listings, and OE part supersession listings, Cloyes was successful in mapping nearly 550 part numbers to more than 3,000 applications in the North American market, improving its parts-in-operation (PIO) coverage by 46 million.

“Without the quick and accurate delivery of this mapping work to our customers, the work is ineffective,” add Thao. “Operating, maintaining, and delivering clean and complete catalog data is the key to selling parts. Without this, our customers would not be successful.”

In June of last year, Cloyes unveiled a new global branding strategy as well as a new website designed to communicate the nearly-100-year history of the company, the quality of its automotive timing products, and its commitment to supporting its customers, catalog data receivers, and the automotive aftermarket. The new website features a custom parts lookup tool and online catalog, complete with the easy-to-use year-make-model part finder or fitment data as well as vehicle identification number (VIN) lookup technology. Powered by accurate data, each search result links all applicable assets and content to each part number, such as vehicle information, installation tips, technical resources, and videos. The custom designed site was developed with a modern bold aesthetic and mobile-friendly design providing an intuitive user experience on desktop or any device on the go.

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About Cloyes

Cloyes, based in Fort Smith, Ark., is the North American leader and global designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor of timing drive systems and components for the automotive aftermarket. Its products are mission critical components for engine performance and function and are used in high-performance and replacement applications. Cloyes serves a broad customer base, including wholesale distributors, national and local retailers, re-packagers, and production engine rebuilders, and sells its products under the Cloyes® brand worldwide as well as the Dynagear® and CY-LENT® brands throughout North America. To learn more, visit

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