High Performance


Introduced by Cloyes in 1970, our competitors may say they have a true roller but only Cloyes has the original.

  • Cloyes Race True Roller Timing Sets feature full roller-action chains made from high-strength steel for superior durability
  • Cam sprockets are made from heat-treated cast or ductile iron, while crank sprockets are machined from heat-treated, high-carbon steel for strength
  • The .250-inch rollers are cold-rolled and hard-ended to exacting standards, increasing load and RPM capabilities
  • With three keyways for adjustability (4 degrees advanced, 4 degrees retarded, and normal), Cloyes Original race true roller timing sets are hand-matched to ensure precise chain tension
  • Many applications available in .005” and .010” undersize
  • Some application available with Z-Chain