Cloyes’ Renewed Focus on Brand Heritage Recognized with Awards at AAPEX 2019

The company earned two Automotive Communications Awards for its advertising campaigns in 2019

FORT SMITH, Ark., November 19, 2019 – With a renewed and strengthened focus on its brand and product marketing in 2019, Cloyes earned two Automotive Communications Awards during AAPEX 2019 in Las Vegas. Both in the business-to-business category, Cloyes won Best Ad Campaign to the Technician / Repair Audience and Best Use of Ad Graphics to the Distribution / Retail and Technician / Repair Audience.

The Cloyes Ad Campaign, “Perfect Timing for 98 Years”, is a technician-focused campaign communicating the strength and longevity of the Cloyes reputation and the quality of the Cloyes family of products, as those are the true brand differentiators. The headline present in all the ads, “Perfect Timing for 98 Years,” reminds technicians of both the heritage and quality behind the Cloyes brand and its products. The various subheads, “Your system. Our solution.”, “Tested and Trusted” and “Reliability Creates Credibility” speak directly to technicians, reinforcing the fact that Cloyes is the reputable authority on timing systems.

“With a nearly 100-year history, the Cloyes brand was well known amongst technicians and DIY enthusiasts and we wanted to continue to build brand awareness and reinforce the company’s competitive advantages,” said Brian Wheeler, vice president of business development and marketing for Cloyes. “As technicians are more likely to recommend and use durable, well-known products that they trust, this ad campaign from Cloyes reiterates that technicians can confidently rely on Cloyes timing products and systems.”

For its ad campaign graphics, Cloyes was faced with the challenge of modernizing its brand in order to stay current with customers and continue to build brand awareness, while still honoring the company’s long heritage. The Cloyes graphics redesign process started with an audit of the company’s competitive advantages. The high quality of the Cloyes products, the company’s heritage, and the brand’s expertise in the timing drive system segment were all identified as advantages that would be highlighted in the new campaign graphics.

The ad campaign features black and white photography that emphasizes the heritage of the company and the timelessness of the subjects. The images include original photographs from the Cloyes archive, of Cloyes employees manufacturing its products, and reiterate the authenticity of the brand and its dedication to high-quality performance and stock replacement timing components over the last 98 years. The historical images, all treated in black and white, pay homage to Cloyes’ 98-year legacy, and create a contrast and visual interest between the red and blue Cloyes brand colors and logo, as well as with the image of the family of Cloyes products.

“The entire Cloyes team is excited to take these awards back to Fort Smith after AAPEX 2019,” added Wheeler. “We’ve had a very strong year promoting the Cloyes brand and look forward to carrying that momentum into 2020 as we work to help our customers be even more successful.”

The annual awards recognize companies and agencies that provide automotive information to consumers and trade professionals through outstanding advertising, marketing, merchandising, and effective PR. The Automotive Communications Awards are the only automotive aftermarket industry awards recognizing the creative marketing efforts put forth by manufacturers, vehicle service centers, and industry associations.

About Cloyes

Cloyes, based in Fort Smith, Ark., is the North American leader and global designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor of timing drive systems and components for the automotive aftermarket. Its products are mission critical components for engine performance and function and are used in high-performance and replacement applications. Cloyes serves a broad customer base, including wholesale distributors, national and local retailers, re-packagers, and production engine rebuilders, and sells its products under the Cloyes® brand worldwide as well as the Dynagear® and CY-LENT® brands throughout North America. To learn more, visit

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