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Cloyes Tech Byte: Activate the Tensioner!

Secondary tensioners (Part Number 9-5686) are shipped in their deactivated state. Please follow the activation process as shown in the video (and outlined below) to avoid catastrophic engine failure.

Step 1:
Insert body of tensioner into the block and push until fully seated.

Step 2:
Once tensioner is installed, remove clip. THIS STEP DOES NOT ACTIVATE the tensioner. The clip is simply to avoid accidental activation while installing.

Step 3:
After the cam phasers and chains are installed. YOU MUST THEN ACTIVATE THE TENSIONERS by pressing on the chain above the tensioner pad allowing the tensioner plunger to fully compress and release. Make sure the tensioners properly activate and apply spring pressure to the chains. Once the tensioners are activated there is no way to deactivate them.

This part is also found in the following kits: 9-07385, 9-0738SA, 9-0738SC, 9-0738SD, 9-0738SE, 9-0738SF, 9-0738SG, 9-0738SWP, 9-0738SVVT1, 9-0738SAVVT1, 9-0738SAVVT2, 9-0738SCVVT1.