Best high performance timing sets

High Performance Sets

This Cloyes timing set is equipped with multiple keyways on the crankshaft sprocket to allow adjustment of the camshaft timing relative to the crankshaft. In general, advancing the camshaft will increase low end torque. Retarding the camshaft will increase high end torque. In all cases, the O.E.M. (zero keyway) will position the camshaft and crankshaft as specified by the engine manufacturer. Pictured is an engine with 12 and 6 o’clock timing mark position. Align the marks properly for your engine.


Most high performance camshafts are ground with advance or retard built in in this case the cam manufacturer intends the cam to be set at the O.E.M. setting.


Be sure to check for clearance between the engine block, sprockets and timing chain. Causes of interference commonly come from slight block variations, worn cam thrust surfaces, oil galley plugs or combinations of the above.

This timing drive must have proper lubrication. As speeds increase so does the need for oil on the timing drive. Do not modify the engine oil system in a matter that will inhibit oil flow to the timing chain.